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发布时间:2022-01-20 14:17:15

 The College English Process Writing MOOC course is taught to anyone who feels English writing is a mystery. In this course, students will understand the writing process, learn to write effective argumentation/arguments, and think critically. The course also teaches effective strategies targeting students’ common writing problems in the writing process, so that you can tailor this course to your individual needs. Moreover, this MOOC course, as an upgrade of a popular writing course taught in Jilin University ever since 2008, provides a variety of engaging writing activities, rich leaning resources, and in-depth analysis of writing samples from our previous and current students. Here you will engage yourself in an adventure of shaping your ideas, an interactive writing environment, and a fun learning process. The course will equip you with the fundamental writing skills so that you will be prepared to pursue your educational goals in whatever field you so choose.